Youth and Family Minister Job Description

Crosswinds Church of Christ – Youth and Family Minister

Crosswinds Church of Christ is searching for a Full-time Youth and Family Minister. Crosswinds is located at 329 U. S. Highway 45 W, Three Way, TN 38343. The Three Way community is located adjacent to Jackson, Humboldt and Medina, TN. The Crosswinds congregation is approximately 10 years old and Sunday morning attendance averages 240 -260. Crosswinds is a diverse congregation socially and economically. Our youth currently consists of 24 students in grades 6, 7, 8 and 25 students in grades 9-12.

Crosswinds Church of Christ Youth Ministry exists to lead people to the life that God longs for each of us to find in His Son, Jesus. The youth ministry’s primary purpose is to work with young people ages 6th through 12th grade and their families. We hope to connect young people and their families to the knowledge of God's Word that can unlock the answers that so many are longing to find. We strive to partner with families in our common goal of seeing our kids grow up to serve God in a mighty way here in this life and ultimately to spend eternity together with our God.

Job Description


 Spiritual growth of students in grades 6 through 12
 Student leadership training (e.g., youth leaders, worship training)
 Social involvement and interaction with youth and families
 Be involved with students in their environments
 Organize, promote, and direct extracurricular events (e.g., camps, concerts).
 Stay abreast of current challenges to youth and their parents in order to grow, enhance, and mature the ministry and the student.
 Promote, embrace, and equip the parents to stand up to the challenges of sexual purity of our students.
 Teach and engage the student body toward a sincere prayer life, Bible study, and genuine spiritual growth.
 Promote a “safe” environment that allows the youth to openly communicate and navigate challenging issues.
 Create and maintain a system of youth retention, engagement and recruitment.

Personal Attributes of Youth Minister

 Evangelistic
 Servant heart
 Outgoing with excellent interpersonal skills
 Strong organizational and planning skills
 Self-motivated, self-disciplined, strong-work ethic
 Ability to mentor students dealing with current issues and struggles
 Willing to accept guidance in areas of leadership, working with youth and family ministry
 Solicit and encourage parental support and feedback
 Advise and proactively assist students on how to deal with current negative social trends
Youth Participation
 Be involved in the lives of middle and high school students in weekly youth ministry
 Plan and promote all major events and weekly programming to address the needs of all
young people involved in the youth ministry
 Be involved in school functions and activities (e.g., plan activities for youth before or after
school functions, such as football games)

Preferred Requirements:

 Married with an active and supportive wife
 BA/BS degree (Bible college or similar institution preferred)
 3+ years of previous youth ministry experience with a proven track record of success
(References required)
 Insurable driving record & valid driver’s license
 Clean background void of any felonious activities or other such infractions that disqualify
one from working with youth

If interested or if you have any questions, please email to or mail to:
Kevin Bradford
87 Mullins Lane
Milan, TN 38358